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Established in 2000, MPS Healthcare has built a successful business through our unique service offering. We provide a quality workforce solution to our clients by putting patient care, innovation and customer service at the heart of everything we do.

We are Wales’ largest and most respected nursing agency and leading supplier on the All Wales Agency Project, where MPS supply 60% of locum healthcare and nursing professionals across Wales. Every day, we provide qualified and skilled nurses and experienced healthcare support workers to the NHS and Private sector. An inevitable constant in the NHS is the unpredictable fluctuation in staffing demand. The modern workforce needs to be able to flex up and down to accommodate this. Annual leave, training and sickness absence place further pressure, coupled with the demand for specific skills to be matched to patient need.

MPS Healthcare specialises in offering a value-for-money support service, providing the best possible temporary staff, backed with an excellent service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

As a valued client, you’ll know we supply the most qualified, experienced and committed nurses, every time.  With an unrivalled depth of experience to call on in the field of healthcare, it is no surprise our services are utilised by an admirable list of high profile clients. We pride ourselves on our quality, customer service and professionalism. We provide healthcare professionals to all the health boards in Wales, the NHS, the MOD, surgeries, schools and commercial and industrial premises.

To find out more or to discuss how we can support you, call us on 01443 230222 and our team will be on hand to discuss your options.

Speak Out Safely

This means we encourage any staff member who has a genuine patient safety concern to raise this within our organisation at the earliest opportunity.

Patient safety is our prime concern and we believe our staff are often best placed to identify where care may be falling below the standard our patients deserve. In order to ensure our high standards continue to be met, we want every member of our staff to feel able to raise concerns with their line manager, or another member of the management team. We want everyone in the organisation to feel able to highlight wrongdoing or poor practice when they see it and confident that their concerns will be addressed in a constructive way.

We promise that where staff identify a genuine patient safety concern, we shall not treat them with prejudice and they will not suffer any detriment to their career. Instead, we will support them, fully investigate and, if appropriate, act on their concern. We will also give them feedback about how we have responded to the issue they have raised, as soon as possible.

It is not disloyal to colleagues to raise concerns; it is a duty to our patients. Misconduct or malpractice should never be tolerated, while mistakes and poor practice may reveal a colleague needs more training or support, or that we need to change systems or processes. Your concerns will be dealt with in an open and supportive manner because we rely on you to ensure we deliver a safe service and ensure patient safety is not compromised. We also want this organisation to have the confidence to admit to mistakes and to use them as learning opportunities.

Whether you are a permanent employee, an agency or temporary staff member, or a volunteer, please speak up when you feel something is wrong. We want you to be able to Speak Out Safely.”

If you have any concerns or worries please contact Alyx Peters or Emma Humphreys at MPS Healthcare on 0845 389 2122 or email;

If you would like to learn more about this campaign please follow this link - why not encourage your Health Board to pledge their support!